Sweet is the Hunnypot

Recently we took our small group of writers and artists to visit the good people who run Hunnypot, a publishing and licensing company that runs a popular ‘variety show’ at the Mint in Los Angeles every other Monday night. Up a rickety flight of stairs behind the club was their office, complete with vintage couches and velvet walls adorned with the autographed head-shots of the slew of legendary artists who have showcased there over the years.


John Anderson, creator of Hunnypot and long-time music industry veteran, sat down with our group and described what makes their company tick and keeps their passion glowing.

Hunnypot staff

“It’s all about the music. If we like a band’s sound, if we can dance to it, we’ll do whatever we can to get their name and their music out there.”

John and his crew talked awhile about their show, describing it as a cocktail of great vibes that settled on no particular genre. And they were right. Coctails in hand, we were taken right through the 80’s, 90’s and well into this decade with a female DJ who had just finished her latest EP. The night finished with a beat-boxer just after the highlight of the show, Young Creatures, a band newly signed by Hunnypot.


If there’s one thing I felt walking out of the Hunnypot meeting and show, John and his Hunnypot crew are fired up about bringing great music to the surface. They are passionate about speaking out about the rights of songwriters, and active in legislation surrounding writers’ royalties. I have no doubt that they listen to all the music that crosses their desks, if presented in an appealing and appropriate manner.  Listen to their live radio show or peruse their archives and get a sense for the wide range of music they enjoy.  You never know, yours may be their next big find.

Thank you, John and the Hunnypot crew, for keeping the music alive. For anyone who finds himself in Los Angeles on any given Monday, this show is worth checking out.