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To inquire about or to schedule a songwriting clinic in your area, please email:


Song Coaching:

Song coaching is often used interchangeably with the terms song analysis or song critique.  You may already be familiar with these services that aim to provide songwriters with educated feedback, while sometimes supplying valuable tools for improving the material.  It is my belief that the value of a critique depends on the goals of the writer.  It is also my belief that a good critique should help the writer identify strengths and weaknesses in the writing, and provide tools and strategies with which to strengthen the song as a whole.  In my feedback, I use many of the tools and strategies to support my thoughts that I do in teaching songwriting courses for

If a song critique interests you, you might take a few moments to outline some of your goals with the songs you write.  For instance, you might be writing songs for other artists in a specific genre, or you might be more interested in writing songs for your own artist career.  This information is helpful to me in assessing the lyric and music’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of where you intend to market your music.  Perhaps you’re unsure where your music fits into the industry, and one of the goals of the critique is to begin to clarify your style and sound.

Both lyric and MP3 recording is helpful to me as I provide you with a critique.  A rough working recording is just fine, sent to  My fee is $100 per song.  The fee is due after you are satisfied with the guidance you’ve received on the song.

Good luck to you as you explore new musical opportunities.  When it comes to progressing as writers and artists, nothing takes the place of practicing our art daily.

Happy writing,

Andrea Stolpe


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